Disney All Star Resort – Walt Disney World Resorts

Here are 3 top Walt Disney World Resorts people long to visit.All-Star Movies Resort

This is a great resort. It is mostly popular because of adding special value to the vacation of tourists. So it is among one of the unique ones among the value resorts of the Disney World. Perhaps that is the reason all these resorts are called ‘Value Resorts’. However, these resorts are specially designed for movie lovers. It has interesting themed buildings.

These buildings feature Fantasia or 101 Dalmatians, in addition to The Love Bug and The Mighty Ducks. You also get to see the admired building themed as Toy Story. Each of those buildings is decorated especially at the interior as well as at the exterior or along the landscapes. Things are designed to marvel the spectators – be it those fancy toys or the gigantic Buzz Light-year character at the exterior of the buildings.

With that come 8 bright colored rooms. They’re enough to accommodate 4 guests; along with a 5th infant/child (has to be younger than the age of 3). There’s an especially themed pool that features Mighty Ducks another one themed as Fantasia.
All-Star Music Resort

This is another special resort admired by visitors. It is mostly prominent for music lovers. As you might guess, this resort has specially music themed large buildings.

The major ones include the
• Calypso
• Rock Inn
• Jazz Inn
• Country Fair and
• The Broadway Hotel themed buildings

These music themes are carried all over the resort’s pool area, since there’s a pool shaped as a guitar. In addition to this, there is another pool shaped as a piano.
This particular value resort has a massive amount of popularity as a vacation destination. The biggest hypes here are some of the top high-school bands traveling in and around Disney World.

This resort has economy rooms, which are sufficient to accommodate as much as 4 guests (along with an infant under the age of 3). There’re as well a few family suites that come with pretty cute and small kitchens. These kitchens are good enough to accommodate as much as 6 guests. This is a unique option as a value resort – isn’t it?

All-Star Sports Resort

Disney All Star ResortThis is another one of Walt Disney World Resorts. This one is specially designed for sports fans. It comes with buildings that are decorated with colorful exterior along with larger items like a football helmet as high as a 3-story building. The 5 themed buildings come with a Touchdown building. It comes with a great football theme, as well as a Center Court that has a tennis theme. You get to see the Homerun, which has the baseball theme, and Hoops, which has a basketball theme.


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