The Disney Dream Cruise Ship

For quite a long time, Disney has been associated with offering only media entertainment. But starting early this year, the Disney Company rolled out a product that stunned the whole world. This is the Disney Dream Cruise Ship. This luxurious vessel offers passengers the opportunity to live their Disney dream in style by taking them to world-class destinations such as the Bahamas, Europe, Panama Canal, Pacific and the Alaskan coast.

Family vacations have been taken a notch higher by this amazing vessel. Various compartments in the liner are created to suit the needs of particular age groups. Kids, teenagers and adults are all well catered for in their own unique ways. Children between the ages of three to seven play at the Oceaneer club; while those who fall between the ages eight to twelve hang out at the Oceaneer lab. Where they can have fun exploring artifacts that resemble the universe. Teenagers chill out at a typical coffeehouse which resembles one in New York City. Adults’ activities are more diverse and they include things like chilling out at the pool, wine tasting and many more. However, in case parents want to accompany the children to their places they are free to do so at any time.

Some reservations for the Disney Dream Cruise Ship can be done on-line, which makes it much more convenient than other cruise ships that require you to visit their booking-offices personally. But before you make your reservations for the Disney Dream Cruise Ship; make sure that the website you are visiting is a genuine Disney website. There may be some unscrupulous individuals owning fake tickets that can get you into trouble with the Dysney Cruise officials. Space for this ship is extremely limited and you have to book early so as to avoid missing out.

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Disney vacation packages – The Choices

Disney is one of the best vacation package service providers in the world; the company offers one ways to spend their vacation. The Disney vacation packages can range from guided tours, cruises and theme parks.

The first area where one might find exciting to spend their vacation is Walt Disney World resort in Florida. It is a fantastic vacation destination that offers one a magical theme experience, having four theme parks, two water parks, entertainment districts and exceptional hotels and restaurants for hosting visitors. The area offers one a shopping and recreational environment for a captivating destination.

Disneyland resort California is another Disney vacation packages destination that both children and adults can enjoy. The attractions of the resort make it quite poplar to tourists due to the great scenery. The breathtaking sites are quite loved and so are the water paddlewheel and the space mountain. These attraction sites give one a great experience of the rivers of America, and this makes the resort the most magical wonderland.

One might also consider taking Disney vacation packages on of the two available cruise ships. The rates of the ship are quite cheap for the kids and their guardians with special rates of children below 3 years of age and up to 17 years. Two elegant ships offer cruises to the Caribbean as well as the Bahamas. The cruise ships offer one both class and quality while still maintaining that contemporary look.

One might also opt for adventures by Disney as a vacation package. The package can be done for both kids and adults, nut the best entertainment happens when one takes family on the trip. The adventure can involve the localities of Europe, Asia and South America. The guided tours allow one to experience differences in culture of different societies as well as provide one with entertainment.

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Online Travel Deals – How to get the best

When looking for online travel deals, most of those on offer are usually for places you don’t want to go. If you want to get eh best travel deals, be keen on new hotels and those refurbishing. Sometimes they might through offers as a way of getting word around. Mostly these travel deals will be thrown during summer and when kids are on holiday. When the rates are high, there is always that hotel that offers limited deals. Therefore be on the look out.

Some online travels deals are usually on during off season. During off peaks, most hotels are almost desperate for visitors. Therefore to attract many people, the will offer deals on rooms and stay. The hotels there need business and this can be a great deal to get your family to enjoy one fabulous weekend away from home. There are many websites with travel deals during off seasons therefore be keen.

When calamities or disasters strike in some countries, tourists usually avoid such places. But I say, this is the best time to get out and have fun. Hotels in such areas are usually offering tourists with favorable deals. Of course occurrence of disasters is a sad thing, but the truth is that these are actually the best times to get good online travel deals. Stay alert for hurricanes, and threatening weather, this might be your get away.

If you love cruising, you will realize there such deals are hard to come by these days. Don’t lose hope though; there are hundreds of them if you are keen. Ask your cruise agent and book in group space. This is a good bargain because it saves you a lot of money that you would have used to book a cabin. If you are looking to save a lot this season, be on the watch out for online travel deals, you will definitely land on one eventually.

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Disney Cruise Europe

If you want a cruise that will excite you as well your children, Disney Cruise Europe is your best choice. It is a quality cruise that fully satisfies its customers and hence has first-class prices. Nevertheless, they offer discounts, credits as well as exceptional rates and you only need to confirm your legibility to enjoy these offers. Just how do you benefit from their quality service?

The first thing you need to do is to make your plan for off season. Holiday times as well as summer vacations are not the best for you as these seasons are characterized by high prices. Winter and storm seasons will greatly serve in minimizing expenditure. You also have to check with the school administration to confirm if your children will be allowed out during the scheduled time. It is very devastating to discover that your children will be permitted to go out during the time you have planned the cruise when you have already finished the arrangements.

Disney Cruise Europe has special cruise deals which are not regular in this call for alertness on your part. Cruise agents can be the best option for you to identify these special deals. You can also identify them personally by searching online. To get cruises at low prices, it is advisable to do early booking because the prices skyrocket when cruise seasons approach. It is common knowledge that increase in demand consequently results in high prices in all lines of product and service offers. However, unlike other cruises, this is a nice offer because you are made aware when the prices are lower and affordable so that you can make earlier arrangements to minimize your expenditure. Disney Cruise Europe deals are the best for you because they offer refunds incase you cannot travel for the vacation due to unavoidable circumstances. Book early and you will definitely save a lot regardless of people you intend to take on vacation.

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Disney Cruise lines – Magic and Wonder

Disney Cruise linesMagic and Wonder. On the 22nd of February in the year 2007, the Disney Cruise lines announced that there would be two new ships. These ships would be added in the year 2011 and 2012. These ships are being built by Meyer Werft shipyard. It is based in Papenburg, Germany. In March of 2009, the first steel cut was made. It was for a part of scroll work. This decorated the exterior of the ship.In March, the new ships were officially named. They were named Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. They will be 330 m (this is 1,100 ft) long and 37 m (this is 120 ft) wide. These ships weigh about 128,000 tons. The two new ships, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy will be two decks higher than the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship . They will each be having 1,250 staterooms each.

For now there are two liners: the Disney Magic Cruises and the Disney Wonder Cruises. Disney Magic, as the name suggests, is huge and it can accommodate around 2400 passengers. Disney Magic makes hundreds of trip to many wonderful exotic ports each year. Disney Wonder is similar to its sister ship Disney Magic. It is massive with 10 desks and it can accommodate 2400 passengers.

Disney lines are known for their large staterooms. They are unique and they were designed in such a way to accommodate families. There are wide ranges of rooms onboard ranging from cozy private lodging to magnificent and rich suites. There are Youth clubs which allows the young guests to enjoy and have fun. The dining ranges from casual to exotic tantalizing cuisine. The entertainment offered on board is spectacular. There are 2 state of the art theatres on both the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. Live shows and movies are staged there. Both youngsters and aged people are given the opportunity to meet the Disney Characters on board and say hello or to shake hands with Cinderella, Snow White, Stitch, Peter Pan, and many others.

There are many large crystal pools for kids, families and for adults. Night clubs and lounges on the Disney Cruise Liners fill the nights with music, dance and socializing. There are also adult only bars onboard the Liners. The experience and fun is worth the money spent on the Disney Cruise lines vacations. Make sure you find out more about the Walt Disney Cruise Lines over the internet, you can uncover some great deal Disney Cruise Package .