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www.60daysinparadise.com – Tobago Tourism is searching for a Canadian to spend 60 days in paradise on their beautiful Island, all expenses paid. Are you Canadian? Are you looking for a job this summer? Well, If you’ re older then 18 years old, Tobago Island might have your dream job. Indeed, the Tobago Tourism Office is a dream job to a Canadian resident. The lucky employee will receive a salary of $30,000, plus over $20,000 value in accommodation, food, and adventures. I’m hearing you! But what is the job? Easy, your only job is to tell people in Canada about it through social network: tumble, tweet, share a Vine, upload on YouTube, check-in, Instagram it…  Interesting!


Dream Job in Tobago

60daysinparadise.com – But wait! Are they looking for someone with special skills? Not really, someone more with special characteristics. The chosen one would be adventurous, well-rounded, relentless in pursuing experiences, may probably be accustomed with blogging and social media. During his endeavor, the future employee will become an Island Connoisseur. A Canadian expert on the beauties of Tobago that he will discover during his stay on the island.  You like new media, taking pictures or filming short videos that catch the eye of people. This will serve you in your duty.

Where is Tobago? Tobago is located in south of the Antilles. It is one of two main islands of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The main town is Scarborough. The economy of Tobago is the largest and most diversified of all the Caribbean islands. The tourism industry is booming by offering travelers a unique experience like no other, on a Caribbean island with rich history, culture, and biodiversity.

“Tobago has won several prestigious eco awards including the World Travel Awards “Best Eco Destination in the World” and the Caribbean Travel Awards Committee “#1 Eco-Destination in the Caribbean”.”

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Have a Dream Cayman islands vacation

Cayman islands have earned popularity as one of best vacation destination of the world. Cayman islands comprise of three small islands which are basically the peaks of the underwater Caribbean mountains. Theses mountains are actually thousands of feet under the sea which also make the a very beautiful underwater scenery.

Some are seeking for cayman islands vacation packages but first let say that you can certainly have dream Cayman islands vacation because these islands are meant for that, tourists from all over the world every bit to actually avail a chance of having a dream vacation cayman island. Out of the three caymans islands the biggest one is called the grand cayman. It encourages great water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling, it is also probably one of the best places in the world which allows a 12 feet diving experience and this is exactly what makes it very much exciting.

The entire ambiance of the place is too inviting and makes it a perfect dream vacation cayman islands. One another main attraction about the grand cayman island has to be the powder-white sand that it has which stretches from the capital to the seven mile sea. If you are interested and a fan of snorkelers you will love it there because you may find small reefs off shore otherwise even artificial reefs can also be found from the hotels and resorts which are quite exceptional for the beginners.

Palm Tree on white sand beach

Apart from the water sports you may also experience some other very interesting attractions including Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Garden, Cayman Turtle Farm and National Museum. you can have a life time experience there and enjoy yourself with the luxuries like the clear and beautiful turquoise sea water, bright sun and yes off course the heritage island hotels.

Dream vacation cayman islands can be the most fascinating experience for you, either you choose to go with your family or you want it be a lifetime experience with a loved one you will have the best time of your life either ways.

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Cayman Islands Travel Vacation

Taking a trip to the Cayman Islands is one thing you can do that will be memorable in your entire life. The Cayman Islands have seen a massive number of visitors tour each year. This is one of the serene destinies in the Caribbean that has been preferred by many people going for vacations. There are a lot of activities one can take part in when you visit this place. The island offers activities that are fit to both adults and children. You will be offered services at a very cheap price. Food and accommodation here is at a cheap price.

The white sandy beaches of the Cayman Islands are the major tourist attraction. This is a good place to watch the Caribbean Sea while you enjoy the breeze sand bathing. You will be able to watch the sea change from blue to crystal clear. It is a good place for the lovers of snorkel. This is a destination that has one of the most beautiful reefs in the world. You will also get chance to watch the brightly coloured fish of the sea. The beaches will offer a serene environment for swimming. You will also get chance to do deep sea fishing, boat tours and sun bathing. This is a great place to visit with your family. It provides good packages for the whole family.

The capital city of this island is George City. This is a city you will find enjoyable once you are through with the ocean. The city offers a wide range of shopping goods which come at relatively cheaper price. There are many beautiful places in this city that will make your vacation enjoyable. The restaurants and hotels of this city will really prove to be comfortable for your stay. The warm climate of this island will give you the peace you need when on vacation.
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Guadeloupe Island Vacation

If you are considering a Guadeloupe Island Vacation, it is really a beautiful place to see. Not very publicized, Guadeloupe Island vacations unfold really a rare and wonderful experience. The hidden secret of the Caribbean, it is a French inspired nirvana.

Guadeloupe Island Vacations have no loss of things to do while there. There are national parks, volcano overlooks, botanical gardens, waterfalls, truly an Island getaway. You will feel like you are on an abandoned Island. Guadeloupe Island Vacation is a vacation with the touristy feeling, or commercialization, yet with the modern conveniences of your typical vacation spot.

The Guadaloupe Island Vacation Flare is mostly French, with mostly French cuisine, including the wonderful wines of France. They have several and vast numbers of festivals and celebrate their culture with great pride. They also have events that celebrate the various holidays that are important to the French nationalists and really give you a taste of their rich culture.

Known for their homegrown coffees, savor their java, not just in the morning, but throughout the day. You will not believe the vast number of flavors that coffee can inspire. Not your typical cup of coffee.

Basse Terre, will make you feel like you are in the wilderness with sights and adventures that will make you feel like you have been stranded on a tropical Island. Guadeloupe Island Vacation has beaches, waterfalls, sights that will make you overwhelmeded and enlightened to what the Earth has to offer which you have been missing. It will make you feel in awe of nature.

So, whether you are beach combing, standing in a waterfall, tasting coffee that Starbucks cannot touch, you will absolutely be overwhelmed by Guadeloupe Island Vacations. When planning your vacation this time, go on the path least traveled and go outside the box. Try a Guadaloupe Island Vacation, you will not be disappointed and wonder why you have not visited before.

Bahamas Vacation Packages – One for just about everyone

Bahamas vacation packages are all over the Internet. On just about every travel site you can find a Bahamas vacation travel package and why not, it is a desirable place to travel.

One thing that makes these Bahamas vacation packages so appealing is the relatively inexpensive price-tag that is associated with traveling to the Bahamas. The Bahamas on the whole, in addition to being beautiful, is usually very easy on your pocket book. The value of your dollar can really go far in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas has so many things to do. Catering to the tourist, this island consists and thrives really on it’s tourism revenue, so they are eager to offer incredible Bahamas vacation packages to allure the vacationer to their island.

The scenery is set with beaches galore, and with an abundance of tourist sites and attractions. Picking a Bahamas vacation package that includes with it some adventure trips is an added extra. Try a Bahamas vacation package that includes snorkeling, fishing, diving, the possibilities are endless. There really is such an abundance of things to do when there.

Want to make sure that the expenses are all covered before you go? Why not go with the all inclusive option. These Bahamas vacation packages have hotel and food included, plus sometimes even the airfare is included in the price of the package. They package all of the expenses of your trip into one bill, so you know and have fully paid for the trip before even leaving to go.

Whatever Bahamas vacation package you choose, just by being there you can’t go wrong. Make sure to comparison shop online to get the best price with the best options available, however, because no two Bahama vacation packages are the same.

A look at a Bahamas Vacation

A vacation trip to Bahamas has always sounded like going to paradise on earth for many people. Did you however know that a Bahamas vacation entails travelling to more than one island? When you move from one end of Bahamas to another, you are not only travelling to popular places or islands like The Abacos, Exuma, Grand Bahamas and Eleuthera, but to a nation of about 700 islands. Out of this number only about 23 are filled with people with the rest being uninhabited cays and islands.
When you take a multi-ethnic Nassau and you compare it to the Inagua desert for instance, you discover that the differences between the islands could be wide. Off the coast of Florida the Bahamas is only just about 50 miles so it is very much a playground for Americans. Apart from the sands and palms, the islands and villages can even be likened to those found on the coast of Massachusetts. For a long time, a Bahamas vacation has been very popular because of the calmness of its seas and the coolness of the trade winds. The weather seems to be very serene since it is the home of the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream comes along with a lot of large fish and lively marine life. Some people even travel there to experience the sport fishing.

Indeed a vacation to Bahamas will never be absolute without spending some time doing scuba diving or snorkelling. The Gulf Stream possesses one of the largest amounts of coral reefs in the world. It has well over 5% of the entire quantity of coral reefs in the world today. It has fantastic underwater Technicolor which will continuously amaze you. Another element worthy of mention is the beauty of the beaches that Bahamas possesses. You can never travel there and overlook the pink sands of Eleuthera and Harbour Island. There could also be the San Salvador and Exumas beaches which can stand as one of the best you see in your entire life.

The other fascinating thing about a Bahamas vacation is its exciting things on dry land. This could consist of the numerous classic hotels and properties that are spread around the island. There could also be tennis courts, golf courses and other unique places of interest. You can do some shopping in their well stocked shopping arcades. A vacation here should inch you closer to paradise. You could find at this time of year some great Bahamas all inclusive vacation packages. See also www bahamas com