Disney Polynesian Resort Review

Disney Polynesian Resort - Disney World Vacation Club : We chose the Polynesian resort for his site and I was very impress and love the choice I made. I saw in others critics review of this resort hotel that some travelers I’ve been disappointed of the room and the service, but concerning our stay the room was fantastic; we stayed in Tokelaouanes which must be one of the renovated buildings.

Our room was roomy spacious, with two double double beds, two sofas and a large office, a large bed-settee; even with all these pieces of furniture, there was full of place to move in the room. The room and the bathroom clean and were well maintained. Our children, 12 and 5 1/2, just loved and adored the swimming pools and the white sand beach was marvelous; the principal swimming pool houses the volcano toboggan of 30 feet and cascades and back with the sea, which gives on a look on the Magic Kingdom. There is a smaller swimming pool apart from the Tokélaou, which was perfect for our youngest. We went to see Luau the first evening, and if it is expensive, this was a magnificent spectacle show that we all enjoyed.

The best moment for our youngest daughter was the fireworks, whereas our older daughter just loved the dance and songs; the animators were great encouraging children to take part in the dances. We shall return next year without hesitating.

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