About Coney Island

American Coney Island is actually a peninsula. Originally it was an island. It stands in the southernmost part of Brooklyn, NYC, USA, with a pretty nice and long beach by the Atlantic. There’re lots of things to enjoy here. This article discusses a few things about Coney Island.

Between the 1880s and the Second World War, Coney Island happened to be the biggest amusement zone in the whole US. It attracted a couple of million visitors every year. At the peak of its popularity, it faced competition from 3 other amusement parks. But just like today, it’s hard to find a match for the fun and historical value the Coney Island has to offer.

Today, this Coney island amusement park contains a variety of rides, games like skeeball, ball tossing, or sideshow. People love the games of shooting, throwing and tossing.

The rides along with other amusements at this place are currently owned or managed by a number of different companies. Interestingly enough, these companies are operating totally independently of one another. So, it’s impossible that you buy season tickets to all the attractions within the area.

But when people talk about Coney Island they surely discuss a lot about its fun rides. These rides are absolutely protected as official NYC landmarks. Thus they are also listed in the National Record of Historic Places of the US. Most prominent ones of the rides are – the Wonder Wheel (was built in the late 1910s), The Cyclone roller coaster (was built in the 1920s), The Parachute Jump, and The B&B Carousell.

And Coney Island is still maintaining its large sandy beach. It starts from the Seagate and all the way through the Coney Island as well as Brighton Beach till the opening of the Manhattan Beach. So it’s beach is as long as 2½ miles (approximately 4 km). This beach is highly popular as it is continuous. A great amusement area overall!