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Walt Disney Cruises - www.Disneycruise.com. I know a person who had a pretty large family. Since the family has lots of people in it, they need different kind of arrangement for going to holidays. The size of the family causes some problem every year. So he was looking for a good way out!And that was not the end of the problem. Each of his family members had unique ideas to enjoy the vacation – especially about the destination. The guy had mild ‘cold wars’ with the family members to get them agree on a single location.

Being eager to find a way out, he did some research. He finally found a good solution – the Walt Disney Cruise – Disneycruise.com! It turned out to be the finest holiday ever possible for the family. In most of the cases, the Walt Disney Cruise is a one of a kind of experience.

There are 2 ships to choose from. One of those ships is known as The Disney Magic. The second one is called The Disney Wonder. Both are the 2 are pretty similar looking. Each of those ships has extensive capacity – enough to hold around 2000 guests. Actually, it is all the same which ship you choose. They’re pretty much identical in all aspects.

Whatsoever, there are lots of fun things the guests are able to do or enjoy on board. There’re very special areas that are designed in a way that each and every member of a typical family can have something to enjoy.

There are lots of game opportunities for children as well as staff members. That actually takes care of everything well. You do hot have to be tense about anything. There are special areas dedicated for teenagers. These are the places where children have fun in most of the cases.

So when you’re willing to enjoy a pretty romantic dinner – especially with someone really special, you can have the perfect venue for that in Walt Disney Cruise. And when you have young children with you, you can have enough fun around the cartoon-like arenas, which has staff members taking sufficient care of the children. In addition, if you have teenage sons or daughters, they’ll have a whole lot of fun to hang around with.

The Walt Disney cruise also has special arrangements for whole family differ. The guy I was talking about found a nice solution to his dilemma and no one among his family had anything negative to say regarding the vacation!

Disney Cruise lines – Magic and Wonder

Disney Cruise linesMagic and Wonder. On the 22nd of February in the year 2007, the Disney Cruise lines announced that there would be two new ships. These ships would be added in the year 2011 and 2012. These ships are being built by Meyer Werft shipyard. It is based in Papenburg, Germany. In March of 2009, the first steel cut was made. It was for a part of scroll work. This decorated the exterior of the ship.In March, the new ships were officially named. They were named Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. They will be 330 m (this is 1,100 ft) long and 37 m (this is 120 ft) wide. These ships weigh about 128,000 tons. The two new ships, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy will be two decks higher than the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship . They will each be having 1,250 staterooms each.

For now there are two liners: the Disney Magic Cruises and the Disney Wonder Cruises. Disney Magic, as the name suggests, is huge and it can accommodate around 2400 passengers. Disney Magic makes hundreds of trip to many wonderful exotic ports each year. Disney Wonder is similar to its sister ship Disney Magic. It is massive with 10 desks and it can accommodate 2400 passengers.

Disney lines are known for their large staterooms. They are unique and they were designed in such a way to accommodate families. There are wide ranges of rooms onboard ranging from cozy private lodging to magnificent and rich suites. There are Youth clubs which allows the young guests to enjoy and have fun. The dining ranges from casual to exotic tantalizing cuisine. The entertainment offered on board is spectacular. There are 2 state of the art theatres on both the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. Live shows and movies are staged there. Both youngsters and aged people are given the opportunity to meet the Disney Characters on board and say hello or to shake hands with Cinderella, Snow White, Stitch, Peter Pan, and many others.

There are many large crystal pools for kids, families and for adults. Night clubs and lounges on the Disney Cruise Liners fill the nights with music, dance and socializing. There are also adult only bars onboard the Liners. The experience and fun is worth the money spent on the Disney Cruise lines vacations. Make sure you find out more about the Walt Disney Cruise Lines over the internet, you can uncover some great deal Disney Cruise Package .